My warm-up strategy for any physical event is the same. Begin with a general total body warm-up meant to loosen up muscles and joints then transition to a specific warm-up tailored to the demands of the particular training session. I have honed my general warm-up over many years to come to the below recommendations. The specific warm-up must be based on the athlete, the events for that day, and the environment.

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Phase 1: General Purpose

Objective: Total body mobility and muscle activation

5-10 minutes foam rolling major muscle groups

100 Jumping Jacks

Bent leg body twist, 10 repetitions each side

Hip bridge, 10 repetitions

Iso Y-W-T holds, 3 rounds of 10-second hold at each position (Y then W then T, repeat)

Bird dog, 10 repetitions per side

Extend and flex, 10 repetitions

Runner’s lunge with rotation, 10 repetitions each side

Cossack squat, 10 repetitions each side

Inch worm, 5 body lengths

Phase 2: Event Specific

Objective: Prepare the body for the specific demands of the training session

Examples of event-specific warm-ups are as follows:

Shuttle run
Walking Toe Touch
Side shuffle run
Reverse run

Total Body Circuit
Complete a small number of repetitions at each station of the circuit 1-2 times through prior to starting the higher intensity workout.

Strength Training
3-5 sets of 3-5 repetitions with light weight prior to heavy work sets