The Maximalist program is design for those who have five days per week to train and are interested in achieving the best condition possible. This program is designed for for those in above average physical condition who can tolerate increased training volume and frequency. If you are in average or below condition, consider the Minimalist program as a starting point.

Prep Work

If you have not done so, read the following articles now:


The framework is the broad outline of the program and major physical fitness objectives of each session.

Session A: Upper Body Strength & Power

Session B: Anaerobic Endurance

Session C: Lower Body Strength & Power

Session D: Aerobic Endurance

Session E: Anaerobic & Muscular Endurance



  • The download contains the training framework, the program, and the execution notes.
  • Warm-up properly before all training. See my warm-up strategy for a full program and/or ideas.
  • Email me with questions at


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